“Slice slice baby!”

Welcome to Atlas Pizzeria! Serving up honestly good Italian pizzas that are made from the scratch.

At Atlas Pizzeria, we serve freshly baked traditional Italian hand-tossed pizzas that celebrate the use of farm-fresh ingredients. Taking cues from the original flavors of each produce, every ingredient is made from scratch from the sauces and dough, right up to the dressings and table-side condiments.

The pizzeria is helmed by our very own Chef David, a perfectionist whose motto is simple and precise: “No shortcuts”. He spends his mornings scouring the aisles of Atlas Grocer for the day's best picks selecting the very freshest items, like perfectly plump tomatoes on the vine, onions that are sweet to the bite, and piquant cheeses straight out of the walk-in chiller. Watch from the counter as your pizzas are cooked to order; stay awhile and you just might get to meet an unabashed Chef David who loves to share his wisdom to willing audiences.

“I wish someone would look at me the way I look at pizza.”


Visit us and let us serve you a little decadence.

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Opening Hours:
10.00am - 10.00pm (Monday to Sunday)

Atlas Pizzeria Contact:
+603-2856 8664



The Pizza Playground.

Atlas Pizzeria is a tribute to the love of good pizzas. Step foot into this pizza playground and you will notice the balls of pizza dough freshly made that day and resting on the counter top. The results are pizzas that are airy and flavorsome with a wonderfully crackling crust. Using only the freshest produce, we celebrate the flavors from the world over. From Italian pecorino cheese, and the sweetest figs, to our very own Malaysian bunga kantan, also known as the ginger flower; we re-imagine classic pizza toppings to incorporate new and complementary pairings. Here, we strive for the contemporary and are never shy of playful.

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