The World at the Tip of Your Tongue.

Enter a diverse world of fresh produce and gourmet items from around the globe.

We aim to bring you the best from our local and global food craft communities, allowing us to serve shoppers of discerning tastes. We are delighted in being the first to offer selected brands and artisanal ranges of items, such as Kusmi Tea and Venchi Chocolates.


Opening Hours:
10.00am - 10.00pm (Monday to Sunday)

Atlas Gourmet Market Contact:
+603-2856 8805


Our vegetables and fruits are as fantastically fresh. We work closely with local and international suppliers to ensure the very best greens are picked and packaged for Atlas’s customers. We are also proud to be working with many local farmers, particularly from Cameron Highlands to serve you ethically grown produce.

Atlas Fine Meats.

A haven for meat-lovers everywhere. Atlas Fine Meats features a range of the finest cuts of meats, handpicked by a team of award-winning butchers. Each piece is also preserved in climate-controlled rooms, where quality can be ensured. These fine morsels of tender and robust meats can be bought raw or cooked by our kitchen in any way you choose.

Poseidon Caviar & Seafood Reserve.

Bringing you the best of the sea, with selections of fresh, raw and live seafood from around the world. Working with local and international producers and suppliers we give you the chance to dive into our range, which includes live Boston Lobsters, Norwegian Cod, Sandakan Prawns and so much more. These morsels can be bought raw or cooked by our kitchen in any way you choose.

Atlas Vineyard.

A bodega of premium wines, ranging from the world’s rarest to the conventional. Allow our in-house sommelier to take you on a grand tour, where you will be able to discover the best wines available on the market.

Iberico Jamón.

A dream charcuterie corner with the finest cured meats and house-made sausages and hams on display featuring the coveted Iberico de Bellota and Iberico sausages.

Wholly Cheese.

Boasting the biggest cheese room in KL. Walk-in to a whole new world of cheese with over 40 varieties in all shapes and sizes, hailing from Holland, France, Switzerland, Italy and UK.

Artisanal Finds.

A treasure trove of items, perfect for you or your loved ones who have a taste for the finer things in life.